Are you interested in becoming a Trees for Missoula volunteer?

Being a Trees for Missoula volunteer is not only about the physical work, it’s also about learning.  Most of our tree planting and pruning activities take place under the supervision of a certified arborist. Got a question? They’re there to answer.  Not sure if you’re doing it right? They’re there to provide guidance.

How the Trees for Missoula community makes a difference

We Plant Trees

Every fall, Trees for Missoula volunteers are helping to keep Missoula green by planting bare root trees from the Urban Forest Gravel Bed.

To find out if there is already a tree-planting event scheduled, check the Trees for Missoula calendar.

Would you like to join in the fun? 

Do you have a group that is interested in planting trees this fall and would like to plan a tree-planting event?

Please fill out the volunteer form.

We Prune Trees – Volunteers In Pruning (VIPs) Program

Each fall, Urban Forestry staff trains community volunteers in the skill of formative pruning in exchange for time pruning to help shape Missoula’s youngest trees.

During the winter months, trained VIPs prune city trees under the guidance of a certified arborist from the Urban Forestry Division.

If you’re interested in learning this valuable skill and shaping our young city trees, please fill out the volunteer form.

We Inventory (2013, 2018)

A tree inventory is the gathering of accurate information on the health and diversity of an urban forest. In 2013, Trees for Missoula volunteers assisted urban forestry staff in gathering data on 22,537 public trees. 

The location of each public and park tree was GPS-mapped, and information including species, size and condition was gathered. 

The 2013 inventory provided the necessary information to create a management plan for the urban forest that was approved by city council in 2015.

Since trees are living organisms that change with time, the condition of our urban forest needs to be reevaluated. This summer, Trees for Missoula and Urban Forestry Division staff will be conducting the 5-year update to the Missoula Street Tree Inventory.

If you are interested in helping out with the inventory update this summer and in learning all about Missoula’s urban forest, please fill out the volunteer form.

We are Stewards

Tree stewards are responsible for taking care of and protecting trees. 

Use this website to learn how to plant, prune, water and protect trees.

We are advocates

Tree advocates are champions of trees and do what they can to promote and publicly support the urban forest.

If you would like to learn more about advocating for a healthy urban forest and healthy community, please fill out the volunteer form.