Through private donations and grants, Trees for Missoula (TFM) supports the urban forest in a variety of ways.


  • Missoula Street Tree Inventory:

    • Trimble GPS Units (2013)

    • Inventory smart pads (2018)

  • Tree-Risk Assessment:

    • Tomograph/Resistograph


  • Urban Forest Gravel Bed

  • Shade Missoula Project

  • Lowell School Gardens


  • Planting tools

  • Pruning tools

  • Safety equipment

Education and outreach:

  • MCPS materials and tools

  • Missoula Art Park urban forest information signage

  • Trees for Missoula Website

Trees for Missoula receives funding from a variety of urban forest supporters:

  • Individuals

  • Organizations/Corporations

  • Private Foundations

  • Grants – Private/Government

TFM is a volunteer organization. Your donations go directly toward programs and projects that benefit our urban forest. 

If you would like to support Trees for Missoula’s projects and programs and the urban forest, please consider a tax-deductible contribution.


Trees for Missoula and our partners have also received multiple grants to help bring these worthy projects to our community:

  • Missoula Street Tree Inventory

  • Missoula Art Park – Silva Cell

  • Shade Missoula Project

We are always looking for grants and grant writers!

If you can help with either, please contact us.

Trees for Missoula-Community Tree Grant

Do have a community tree project that needs funding? 

The Trees for Missoula–Community Tree Grant (TFM-CTG) aims to improve our City’s environment, build community and connect Missoulians with the natural world and each other through:

  • Increasing resources for tree planting and maintenance in Missoula

  • Increasing public awareness of the importance of trees in the urban environment

Missoula groups interested in responsibly planting trees and promoting a healthy urban forest may apply. For more information, please refer to the TFM-CTG Application.

TFM-CTG Recipients:

2018 Lowell School Gardens – 6 fruit trees