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Monthly Tree Reminders: June


  • Stop planting trees once the weather becomes hot and dry. Wait until early fall for more favorable conditions for successful transplanting.

  • Continue regular watering of newly planted trees. If there has been little to no precipitation in the past month, check soil moisture around mature trees at a depth of 4-6”. If it is dry, time to water.

  • Prune branches that are clearly dead, dying, damaged or diseased. If a branch is bare, do not assume it is dead. If it can be bent, it is most likely a living branch.

  • Protect tree trunks from damage caused by mowers and weed trimmers with a ring of mulch or caging.

  • Keep an eye out for signs of insects or disease. Not all insects are pests. Consult Missoula County Weed District & Extension’s website at for more information.