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Monthly Tree Reminders: May


  • While temperatures stay mild and cool, it is still time to plant containerized trees.

  • If the skies have not been providing moisture, check the ground 4-6” deep around mature trees and water if the soil is dry. Keep newly planted trees watered regularly.

  • Prune branches that are dead, dying, damaged and diseased. Remove vertical suckers from the crown of the tree and at the base of the tree trunk.

  • Renew decomposed mulch with a 2-3” layer of new mulch to diminish weeds that are beginning to grow, to keep soil temperature cool and constant and to keep mowers and trimmers at a distance.

  • As trees begin to leaf out, check foliage and branch tips for any signs of nutrition deficiency such as stunted growth, smaller-than-normal leaf size, poor leaf color, early leaf drop and thinning foliage. Other factors may be contributing to these symptoms. Before applying fertilizer, consult a certified arborist or Missoula County Weed District & Extension for guidance.